Break tradition with these 20 sparkling ways to say farewell to 2020

Posted: December 28, 2020
Break tradition with these 20 sparkling ways to say farewell to 2020

Nothing was typical this year, so why not break with tradition (again) by toasting with a different kind of ‘bubbly' this new year's eve? Check out these 20 sparkling beverages from around the planet to bid a fizzy and not-so-fond farewell to 2020.

Fruit…without the flute

Bright and bubbly, Brutal Fruit Sparkling Ruby Apple Spritzer from South African Breweries will remind you of a sparkling wine, with its zesty blend of citrus and apple, and stunning, pale pink color.

The local apples used to make Virtue Cider Brut get their flavor from the coastal climate of Michigan. With a light lingering finish from French oak barrels, this brut cider goes best with roast pork or rich raclette cheese.

Another fruit-flavored favorite that pairs well with a meal is China's Sedrin Lychee, a beer that highlights the uniquely sweet, almost grape-like flavors of locally grown, ruby colored lychee fruit.

And for a gluten-free, sugar-free option, try BON V!V hard seltzer which gets its light, refreshing taste from champagne yeast, purified water and natural fruit flavors, like cranberry and clementine hibiscus.

Pop a can or pod instead of a cork

It's right there on the can: Babe Rose (with bubbles) brings the sparkle to your wine, all wrapped up in a cute, take-anywhere package.

For the traditional cocktail fan, Social Club Seltzer serves up refined flavors with a premium hard seltzer twist, including Old Fashioned, a take on the classic whiskey cocktail with blood orange flavor and a hint of smoky oak aroma.

If you prefer a “do it yourself” carbonated cocktail experience, look no further than the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. By simply popping one of their proprietary Pods into the system, you can be enjoying an effervescent refreshment, like Lemon Bubbly (a cocktail inspired by the Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco), at the push of a button.

Velvet Cocktails, new nitrogen-powered concoctions from Colorado's Breckenridge Brewing, find their inspiration in 1930s egg white cocktails and even pour with the typical silky, white crown. Looking to elevate your new year's toast? You can infuse any Velvet Cocktail with a favorite liquor.

Wave goodbye to 2020 from the beach

We all need a vacation. So slide on your flip flops and pour one of these refreshing choices for a sunny salutation to the arrival of 2021. Colombia's Cola & Pola tastes like a summery shandy thanks to the bitter and sweet combination of champagne cola and beer, creating a unique, low-alcohol refresher.

Devils Backbone Orange Smash is one of several new ready-to-drink cocktails from our Virginia-based brewer and distiller. Its fresh-crushed, citrus and vodka flavors are like a vacation in a can. Bonus: They offer custom Zoom backgrounds to bring the right vibe to your virtual NYE party.

Dig your toes into the sand and bask in the shade of palm trees with Cutwater Tiki Rum Mai Tai. Winner of a Gold Award from the American Distilling Institute, this ready-to-drink cocktail packs all of your favorite rum, pineapple and coconut flavors into a beach-friendly can.

Watch the last sunset of the year with another beer synonymous with the beach: Corona. Enjoy it with the classic wedge of lime to infuse the bubbles with a citrusy flavor unique to our Mexican lager.

Blasfemia is changing the rules in Argentina, with the introduction of the nation's very first canned wine. There's a Malbec Syrah blend that tastes of strawberry, cherry, candied orange and herbs, and a Chenin Torrontés, but the Sparkling “Rosado” seems exactly right for December 31.

Bubbles make the beer

We know, you're probably wondering: what's so ‘sparkling' about beer? The fact is bubbles trigger the senses and enhance your beer drinking experience. Without bubbles, made from carbon dioxide produced by yeast during fermentation, beer just wouldn't be beer!

So when the clock strikes midnight, a bottle of Wäls Brut is perfectly appropriate. This World Beer Award winner, brewed in Brazil with champagne yeast and cellar-aged, is golden in color with aromas of white wine and citrus. Serving suggestion? Pair with oysters, fish, lobster or special cheeses.

To see the year off, our Camden Town brewers in England released their aptly named Beer 2020, an Imperial Pilsner aged for eight months in white wine and brandy barrels to get an elegant grape flavor for those who “like fancy fizz without the fuss.”

The centuries-old Leffe brewery in Belgium offers up its Royale Whitbread Golding. A subtly bitter beer brewed from three hand-selected hop varieties, this elegant brew is best served in a chalice.

Over at Brouwerij Bosteels our brewers are crafting DeuS Brut des Flandres, a champagne beer made from barley that undergoes fermentation in Belgium and then France where its transformed into a remarkably sparkly brew.

Another seasonal favorite is Mexico's Modelo Noche Especial, an annual limited-edition release that is slightly sweet and light, getting its woody and slightly fruity aroma from malt. It's known for pairing perfectly with typical seasonal fare.

The same can be said for China's Budweiser Supreme, a premium beer brewed with the signature beechwood aged taste that complements special meals.

Lastly, why not kick-off 2021 with a zero-alcohol beer that still serves up great taste? South Africa's Castle Free is brewed using the same local ingredients used to make Castle Lager, one of the best-selling beers in the country. Well-balanced, crisp and refreshing, it's a smart start to a happy new year.

Don't forget to drink responsibly when celebrating. Hydrate between alcoholic beverages, opt for a no- or low-alcohol option, pace yourself with one drink or less an hour, and never drink and drive!

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