Mosi Premium Lager Goes Green: A Celebration of National Pride

Posted: June 29, 2021
Mosi Premium Lager Goes Green: A Celebration of National Pride

As an iconic Zambian beer that is well loved at home and abroad, Mosi Premium Lager has been a beacon of national pride and culture for many years. While offering great taste to consumers, the internationally-awarded beer for quality has taken on an exciting and refreshed look. Inspired by the vast green lands of Zambia, the popular beer has decided to “go green” by offering a progressive and stylish looking beer while maintaining the same great taste. By identifying Mosi Premium Lager with a color that symbolizes Zambia's national spirit of unity is an effort to combine the youthful energy of the beer with the green elements of the everyday lives of Zambians.

From hosting the country's biggest music festival to empowering the arts and design industry, Zambian Breweries has often brought Zambians together in celebration of truly Zambian moments inspired by Mosi Premium Lager. “In our landscape, our great people and delicious food of this country, we believe that being Zambian should be embraced and celebrated. Despite our differences, we can all agree that the most phenomenal Zambian moments are better experienced together. The ‘Our Green' campaign is about us sticking together as Zambians and celebrating the national treasure we all share in Mosi Premium Lager. And that is why we brought all these Zambian inspired Greens together for Mosi's new look as a symbol of our unity despite our differences”, said Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran.

Mosi Premium Lager will embark on highlighting the diversity of the greens across the country in promotional activities that will showcase the new look and high energy of the brand. Consumers can look forward to experiencing the iconic beer that they love with an updated look in the comfort of their homes or safely outside of their homes as we continue to combat the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Further details of the “Go Green” campaign can be found on the Mosi Premium Lager social media pages on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #OurMosiOurGreen.

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