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Beer and Brewing

AB InBev investing billions in operations worldwide to spur growth, jobs and support communities

AB InBev investing billions in operations worldwide to spur growth, jobs and support communities

Across nearly 50 countries, AB InBev has 175 major breweries and 40 other operations including hop farms and barley malting facilities. We are always improving our brewing, bottling and packaging capabilities to make products that people love.

Whether it’s modernizing our operations or advancing the sustainable use of natural resources, we continually innovate to reach more consumers and better our communities. In 2023, our local brewers invested billions into our operations and infrastructure.

“Our investments have been consistent year over year to support the brand power of our portfolio, maintain the efficiency of our facilities and develop the right capabilities to drive future growth at AB InBev and in our communities,” said Fernando Tennenbaum, AB InBev Chief Financial Officer.

Here are some of the highlights:

South Africa

Last year, South African Breweries committed to invest 628 million USD in the nation’s economy over the next two years. Of this, 312 million USD was spent in 2023 on operations, infrastructure and new developments to support growth, including an expansion and improvements at our brewery in Ibhayi.


As part of its commitment to Colombia, our local brewer, Bavaria, is constructing a 413 million USD brewery in Palmar de Varela. The new brewery is expected to open later this year and create 350 direct jobs and 7,000 indirect jobs, and will produce popular national brands including Águila, Poker and Club Colombia.


Grupo Modelo and partner, Millfoods, are building a 300 million USD facility in Salamanca, Guanajuato to process locally grown corn for brewing. The project aims to create more than 1,000 jobs and benefit 20,000 farmers, who will also gain access to technical and financial assistance for their businesses.


In March, Budweiser Brewing Group APAC broke ground on a nearly 100 million CNY expansion and renovation of its brewery in Ziyang to help meet the growing demand for super premium beers in Western China. The project will introduce advanced equipment and technology to its operations to brew favorites like Budweiser in aluminum bottles, Hoegaarden White and Franziskaner.


In Lusaka, Zambian Breweries is doubling production and adding the capacity to brew innovative beers made with locally grown cassava. The 80 million USD project includes efficiency and safety improvements and is creating new jobs in the community.


Labatt Breweries invested more than 43 million CAD in its operations from coast to coast in 2023. In Montreal, our Canadian brewer is making progress toward our ambition to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040, with a 6 million CAD project aiming to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. And in London and St. John's, capital improvements are expected to increase production capacity and fund sustainable packaging innovations.


As the nation’s oldest brewer and top employer, Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) has produced high-quality beers and contributed to the growth and development of the nation’s economy for 90 years. In 2023, TBL announced it will spend 38 million USD to re-open a state-of-the-art barley malting plant in Moshi, creating new jobs and benefiting local barley farmers.

United States

A 13 million USD expenditure by Anheuser-Busch recently enhanced production capabilities at our Cartersville, Georgia brewery, which is home to 450 colleagues and contributes over 400 million USD annually to the state’s economy. And in Houston, Texas, 22.5 million USD of upcoming upgrades will aim to create a safer, more efficient workplace for frontline colleagues while also serving as an engine of economic growth for the city and surrounding areas.