Drink Smart Today, Celebrate Tomorrow

Posted: September 15, 2017
Drink Smart Today, Celebrate Tomorrow

Enjoying a beer with friends or family is an opportunity to create great memories.

We are passionate about brewing great beers, but we know that not all consumers make smart drinking choices all of the time.

At AB InBev, we are committed to smart drinking, and we have worked over the last thirty years to raise awareness and take action to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Since 2010 we have celebrated Global Be(er) Responsible Day (GBRD) – a day of the year when our colleagues around the world come together with consumers, industry peers and our business and community partners to promote smart drinking and to celebrate our year-round commitment.

On 15 September this year, our GBRD focus is “Drink Smart Today, Celebrate Tomorrow.” We are actively collaborating with partners to reduce the harmful use of alcohol and celebrate smart drinking choices. By working together, we hope to create a future where every experience with beer is a positive one.

Since 2015, we have committed to four Global Smart Drinking Goals:

  • Reduce the harmful use of alcohol by at least 10% in six pilot cities by the end of 2020, and implement best practices globally by the end of 2025.
  • Influence social norms and individual behaviors to reduce harmful alcohol use by investing at least US$1 billion across our markets in dedicated social marketing campaigns and related programs by the end of 2025.
  • Ensure no-alcohol and lower-alcohol beer products form at least 20% of our global beer volume by the end of 2025. Today, our expanding portfolio of these beers includes more than 15 brands, including Beck's Blue, Brahma 0.0%, Jupiler 0.0%, and Corona Cero.
  • Place a guidance label on all our beer products in all our markets by the end of 2020, and increase alcohol health literacy by the end of 2025.  

The harmful use of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern to us, as well as to communities, governments and societies. As Carlos Brito, AB InBev CEO, notes:

"We all live on this planet together. We all drive the same roads. We all look for opportunities to enjoy the good things in life.

So it's up to all of us to foster a culture of smart drinking globally to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. We at AB InBev are committed to doing our part.”

We know we have a role to play. And, we believe that to promote smart drinking, more needs to be done by us, our industry peers, families, civil society, and government.

We aspire for a healthier world where every experience with beer is a positive one. Let's drink smart today to celebrate tomorrow!


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