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Our Most Beautiful Breweries

Posted: December 14, 2018
Our Most Beautiful Breweries

From the intricate ironwork of the Old Stella Artois Brewhouse in Belgium to the beautiful red bricks of St. Louis in Missouri, where we brew our beer can be just as important as how we brew it.

Drawing from over 182 sites, we've picked some of our stand out breweries from around the world and the unique stories behind them.

Newlands Brewery, Cape Town (Africa)

The penniless Jacob Letterstedt first arrived in Cape Town in 1820, finding work as a gardener for Maria Dreyer, a widower living on the Louewwvliet farm in Newlands. The two fell in love and by the mid-1800s, Letterstedt had built the original Mariendahl Brewery in Newlands, naming it after his wife. Today it forms part of Newlands Brewery, the oldest commercial brewery in South Africa.

This stunning brewery soaked in sunshine is now a National Heritage Site, built river- side to access the clean waters that flows from the surrounding mountains. The crystal-clear Newlands spring water continues to be used in every beer at the brewery, available in its historic underground pub.

St. Louis Brewery (Missouri, U.S) 

One of the largest and oldest breweries in the U.S, the St. Louis Brewery can be found in the historic neighbourhood of Soulard (named after Antoine Soulard, a refugee from the French Revolution). The site was chosen because of its access to the Mississippi River and the natural cave formations that were used to store beer before artificial refrigeration. Despite its rich heritage dating back to 1852, it now employs cutting-edge technology to produce beer for millions around the world.

The brewery was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966 and it's easy to see why. 189 red brick structures spread over 142 acres contain Budweiser's entire 7-Step Brewing Process, as well AB InBev's world-famous draft horses - the Budweiser Clydesdales - which can be found in its remarkable stables.

Cascade Brewery (Tasmania, Australia) 

From humble beginnings as a sawmilling operation in the foothills of the majestic Mount Wellington, Cascade is now Australia's oldest operating brewery. Founded by English settlers Peter Degraves and Major McIntosh, who arrived on Tasmania's shores in 1824, plans for Cascade were brewed during Degraves time spent in the old Hobart Gaol. Upon his release, the pair set about establishing the ground- breaking brewery and over a decade later the first Cascade Brewery Co. beer was sold.

Nearly destroyed by a terrible bushfire that raged across southern Tasmania in the late 1960s, the Cascade team vowed to get back on their feet within three months. With the help of the local community, they rebuilt the brewery and were back in operation three months and a day later. To this day, the pure Tasmanian water sourced from Mount Wellington and the locally grown hops and barley continue to form the backbone of its famous Pale Ale, Draught, Bitter and Lager.

Hertog Jan (Arcen, Netherlands)

Named after the feudal prince John I, Duke of Brabant, this brewery is located in Arcen, Netherlands. Containing authentic copper brew kettles and atmospheric cellars filled with artisanal wooden barrels of Grand Prestige vintages, it played a major role in the revival of beer culture in the Netherlands during the 1980s.

If you're ever visiting, make sure to stop by the Hertog Jan Proeverij just across the road, which serves Hertog Jan's entire range of beers, piped in directly from the brewery.

Old Stella Artois Brewhouse (Leuven, Belgium)

The Old Stella Artois Brewhouse has since been converted into an events hall, but its stunning original features still remain. Intricate iron staircases, floor-to-ceiling arched windows and vintage tiles surround antique copper kettles. Beer has played a major role in Leuven's history, impacting both its economy and landscape, with breweries like this existing as early as 1366. Stella Artois was formerly known as Brewery Den Hoorn, then the biggest business within the university city.

One Sebastian Artois was admitted to the Leuven Brewer's Guild as a Brew Master in 1708, and only nine years later purchased Den Hoorn and changed its name.
It was so beloved internationally and locally that a special batch was created as a Christmas gift to the people of Leuven. That batch was the first to officially include "Stella" in its name, meaning star in Latin.

A more modern brewery facility in Leuven now supplies the majority of Europe's Stella Artois, but even now, every bottle still carries a star.

Cervecería Patagonia (Bariloche, Argentina) 

Overlooking the sublime glacial Moreno Lake in San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina, the Cervecería Patagonia brewery combines the hops of Patagonia, Kaspar Schulz brewhouse technology and decades of knowledge from master brewers. The attached bar gives visitors the opportunity to try many varieties of local beer and take in the incredible view. 

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