Winners of Our Sustainability Accelerator Announced

Posted: October 16, 2018
Winners of Our Sustainability Accelerator Announced

A couple months ago, our 100+ Accelerator  issued 10 challenges to scientists, technologists, and promising entrepreneurs around the world to help drive progress to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our 2025 Sustainability Goals.

We received over 600 submissions from around the globe across all 10 challenges.  After a rigorous review, 21 start-ups have been selected to join the first 100+ Accelerator class. Gathering in New York this week, the start-ups will attend a three-day workshop that offers lean start-up training, network advice, and technical expertise.  The program is intended to provide the start-ups with the tools, resources and contacts they need to implement & scale these solutions across our businesses & partners.

“We were blown away by both the number and quality of the startups that applied to the accelerator. Even our most experienced subject matter experts had a tough time prioritizing which companies they wanted to participate in the program this year but we narrowed it down to 21 finalists from 12 countries across 5 continents. All of the finalists are passionate about solving critical sustainability challenges,” said Maisie Devine, Global Director of the 100+ Accelerator.

Each start-up will also receive up to $100k investment and the opportunity for follow-on investment from our company and partners at a demo day in 2019. This demo day will offer the best of our 21 bootcamp companies a chance to pitch their company and solution in front of our top 250 leaders and an external audience that will include large companies, potential customers, public and private investors and firms, NGOs, Government officials, and the general public. 

“After reading the UN Climate Report this past week, it is clear that we all need to move even faster toward achieving a sustainable future for our planet.  Through the 100+ program, we will leverage our global reach and resources to accelerate progress toward the SDGs and our 2025 Sustainability Goals.  And we are excited to work with all these innovating partners,” said Carlos Brito, Chief Executive Officer.

We're excited to introduce the first 100+ Accelerator class (in alphabetical order):

  1. AcuaCare Turn sludge from waste water treatment plants into biofertilizers in situ
  2. BanQu Blockchain as a service supply chain platform for empowering smallholder farmers
  3. Baswood Industrial wastewater pre-treatment – less energy consumption (BioViper)
  4. Desolenator Solar powered water purification
  5. Do Eat edible and sustainable packaging 
  6. Earthly Labs -  first and only plug-and-play CO2 capture and recovery system
  7. Eco-V Turnkey solutions for energy efficiency and water heating technology
  8. EW Tech Green replacement of caustic soda for CIP cleaning purposes
  9. Kisan Hub Crop intelligence platform that allows users to manage their crop supply chain and field trials effectively
  10.   Majik Water Create clean drinking water from air
  11.   Microlyze Smartphone-enabled device that measures water quality in real time
  12.   Molecoola Post consumer reverse logistics & environmental education
  13.   OpenWater Hassle free waste water treatment
  14.   Pure Value Sustainable reusable promotional display solution 
  15.   Rise Flour from spent grain
  16.   RSU (Brazil) – technology capable to transform rejects of recycling into clean energy 
  17.   Shanghai Lontri Energy Saving Company Lighting as a green platform service for device and energy in operation
  18.    Shanghai Yushuo Energy – | Electrochemical energy storage
  19.   Smarthop Autonomous agent for truckers to plan, search and book loads
  20.   Tampec – Reverse Logistics Solution
  21.   Verqor Social financial company

To find out more about the Accelerator visit:

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