Reinventing how we drink: our commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol

Posted: September 03, 2020
Reinventing how we drink: our commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol

With little warning, the COVID-19 pandemic changed so much in our lives. From remaining socially distant from loved ones to coping with the unpredictability of what the future looks like, COVID-19 has universally disrupted lives around the world and across generations. For some, these changes have had a great impact on emotional health. We know that people are reacting differently to these strange and different times. Habits and routines have been disrupted, requiring us all to adapt and sometimes examine our behaviors, including alcohol consumption. Now more than ever, moderation remains a fundamental factor in consuming alcohol - not just for ourselves, but for our friends and family as well. As we spend more time at home, it is important for all of us (adults) to practice smart drinking behaviors. 

The harmful use of alcohol has no upside - it's bad for people, for society, and for our business. We have spent more than three decades promoting responsible drinking.  During this period, we have engaged and worked along with governments, multi-lateral organizations, trade associations, NGOs, academia, experts and civil society around the world with a common goal: reducing the harmful use of alcohol.

To support our commitment, in 2015 we set our Global Smart Drinking Goals to be achieved by 2025, We have made significant progress to date, but there is a long way to go.

We realize that the root causes of harmful consumption of alcohol are as unique and diverse as the 50+ countries where we operate. That's why we count on our local companies and brands to help us change behaviors and social norms in their communities. Take Aguila, as an example. When most consumers were sheltering-in-place, our Colombian beer brand launched a local campaign called #WePlayThisMatchAtHome (#EstePartidoSeJuegaEnCasa, in Spanish), featuring players of 10 football teams sharing messages about responsible consumption and positive behaviors while staying at home. This campaign uses social norms marketing techniques, a special type of marketing designed to change behaviors.

By continuing to respond to consumer needs, sharing what we learn and collaborating with public health authorities, experts and civil society, we know we can be part of the solution needed to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. We cannot do it alone but together we can make a difference. And we must all do our part. 

There are things we all can do, right now, to help make every experience with beer a positive one. Practice moderation. Hydrate between beers. Opt for a no-alcohol brew. Eat while enjoying a cold one. Most of all, take care of yourselves and stay connected to your family and friends.

To learn more about our commitment to reducing the harmful use of alcohol globally, click here to watch our interactive video.

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