Disrupting harmful drinking

Beer brings people together, and has been part of cultures and communities around the world for centuries and of moments where people celebrate life, joy and friendship. However, beer often contains alcohol and the harmful use of alcohol is a real issue for many people. It is an old and complex problem, but together we can help solve it.

We know that the way we do business makes a difference. For years, we have been committed to produce, market and sell our products responsibly, but we can do more. We share the ambition of the United Nations and the World Health Organization to reduce the harmful use of alcohol around the world. By talking with public health experts we learned that new products, new marketing campaigns and new partnerships can have a positive impact. That is why we launched our Global Smart Drinking Goals.

Our Stories

Shifting Harmful Drinking Behaviors

The future we want starts with the actions we take today. Take a moment to meet some of the people who are driving impact in our communities.