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As a leading global brewer, we take great pride in producing and marketing our beers with quality and care. Our Responsible Marketing and Communications Codehelps us strive to ensure that our communications are honest, truthful, in keeping with contemporary standards of good taste, and sensitive to cultural differences between markets. Compliance with the Code is mandatory for all of our marketing, sales, promotion and communications efforts, and includes both traditional, as well as digital media.
The harmful consumption of alcohol is bad for our consumers, our employees, our families, our communities and our business. To shift harmful drinking behaviors, we're taking steps to shift social norms and behaviors around harmful use of alcohol and ensure every experience with beer is a positive one. We're working collaboratively with partners, like IARD, and listening to those with ideas on how we can accelerate and implement effective solutions to reducing the harmful use of alcohol across the globe because we know we cannot do it alone. We have launched a consumer information website,, where users can learn more about our products and learn about how to be a Smart Drinking Champion. We also count on our own colleagues as Smart Drinking Champions. Every year, we participate in Global Be(er) Responsible Day, a day of we proudly initiated where dozens of countries, hundreds of organizations and thousands of people working for breweries join efforts to promote the idea of responsible alcohol consumption. Responsibility must be at the core of everything we do, and responsibility starts with us.


Our Stories

Global Be(er) Responsible Day 2019

We are passionate about brewing great quality beers and want every experience with beer to be a positive one. On GBRD 2019, our colleagues around the world stepped out of their offices and breweries to champion smart drinking behavior together with our consumers, customers and communities.