Unleashing the Power of NABLABs

One important way we can help reduce harmful drinking is by providing consumers with lower- and non-alcoholic beer options. As a result, one of our Global Smart Drinking Goals is to ensure that low- or no-alcohol beer products make up at least 20% of our global beer volume by 2025.

Our ambition is for existing drinkers to integrate no-alcohol beers and beer with 3.5% ABV or lower into their current drink choices, reducing their overall total alcohol intake.

We are already making encouraging progress toward our goal.

We have launched no-alcohol beers in many of our key markets, including Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Belgium, China and the UK, and have introduced new low-alcohol beer products in a number of countries including Canada, South Africa, Australia and multiple European markets.


Our Stories

Our work in Leuven

We want the student city of Leuven, Belgium to be an example of what responsible selling, drinking and hosting can look like. Watch the video to see some of the work we are doing there.