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Growing a Sustainable Future with SmartBarley

Our SmartBarley program leverages data, technology and insights to help farmers solve challenges and improve their productivity and environmental performance. The program enables farmers to benchmark their progress and share best practices across our global grower network. So far, more than 5,000 farmers have participated in SmartBarley.

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We’ve set ambitious sustainability goals for 2025 that take into account the full value chain, but we can’t do it alone. We work closely with our suppliers to reach these goals utilizing Eclipse — a platform that helps direct these efforts in each of our focus areas, translating what it means to our suppliers’ emissions.

We want our suppliers to tell us about the projects and initiatives they are working on, and how they are impacting change in their own value chain.


●   Increasing % of recycled content: every 10% reduces emissions by 2%

●   Reducing fertilizer use in crops reduces carbon emissions in chain

●   Reducing water usage normally results in energy savings in manufacturing

●   Protecting watersheds or reducing water usage

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