100+ Sustainability Accelerator


100+ Sustainability Accelerator



We are mobilizing the world's brightest minds to solve some of the most pressing global sustainability issues.


Through the 100+ Accelerator we are looking for partners who can deliver breakthrough advancements in water stewardship, farmer productivity, product upcycling, responsible sourcing, green logistics and more. Our 10 challenges were developed with input from AB InBev colleagues and third party experts around the world. Successful applicants will receive mentorship, funding and access to new networks.

“It's incumbent on global businesses to play a bigger role in creating a better world for all,” said Tony Milikin, AB InBev's Chief Sustainability & Procurement Officer.  “At AB InBev we have a long-term vision to build a company to last for the next 100+ years, which relies on driving sustainability across our business. Our approach is rooted in the communities where we live and work, and we are well positioned to support entrepreneurs who are tackling local challenges. Through the 100+ Accelerator, innovators will benefit from our resources, experience and global reach to speed their progress and scale.”

Selected winners will be announced in September 2018 and invited to be part of the 100+ Accelerator, which will kick-off in New York city in October and run through March 2019 . The program will culminate in a Global Demo Day in Leuven, Belgium where startups have the opportunity to pitch for further funding from 100+ as well as from external investors.

“Today's global sustainability challenges provide us with some of the greatest opportunities for development and innovation. We want to empower driven and committed entrepreneurs who are solving problems in their own communities. The 100+ Accelerator will draw on our company's entrepreneurial spirit and our constant drive to deliver faster, better results.” - Maisie Devine, GLobal DIrector of AB InBev's 100+ Accelerator

The 100+ Accelerator will begin with a pilot sprint for each chosen startup to validate product-market fit, followed by a structured curriculum focused on integrating with a large corporate partner and best practices for scaling. The Accelerator will draw on insights and experience from ZX Ventures, AB InBev's global incubator. This is the beginning of a longstanding program that will run annually.

The launch of the 100+ Accelerator builds on AB InBev's recently announced 2025 Sustainability Goals. A successful brewer requires natural ingredients, a healthy natural environment and thriving communities. At AB InBev we are committed to improving lives in the communities we are part of and playing a positive role within them.

The first set of challenges were announced on August 2, 2018. To learn more about the 100+ Accelerator and initial challenges, please visit www.100accelerator.com.